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Revit Integration Course

with the eDesign Platform by Annilee Waterman

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  • Learn to properly export, convert and import your Kitchen & Bath designs for rendering in the eDesign Platform.

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Revit Integration



This course takes approximately one day to complete, assuming you already have your kitchen or bath designed and built in Revit.


Course Summary: In this course you will to learn how to render your kitchen or bath designs that you have built in Revit. I'll be showing you a project as it is modeled in the program, then all the way through to the final render. I'll show you how to best set up your files for export, then how to convert it Sketchup, and prepared the Sketchup model for the platform. Finally we'll set up the room in the platform, upload the model, adjust the materials and lighting and render.

Prerequisite:  This course assumes that you already know the basics of the program you want to integrate. The lessons start with a bathroom already designed and built, then I take you through the integration process.

You will need Sketchup Shop or Sketchup Pro for program integrations. Sketchup Free does not allow imports of other file types.

Capstone Evaluation: Please submit your finished room by sending your project link and final render.



Revit, SketchUp Shop, eDesign Platform programs. 

I use Revit 2018


*Required Capstone Assessment. 





  • Revit

    • Preview
    • Revit Intro (0:56)

    • Isolating the Room to Export (8:27)
    • Exporting Your File (3:33)
    • Importing to Sketchup (5:56)
    • Preparing the model for The Platform (13:29)
    • Upload The Model to The Platform & Setting up the Platform room
    •  Updating Materials (7:15)
    •  Test Render & Tweaks (4:50)
    •  Adding Accessories, Tweaks, Final Render (10:01)

Annilee Waterman

     Annilee Waterman has 30 years of art & design experience. Building on her Fine Arts and Interior Design degrees,  years of experience on Film & Television sets, & nearly 20 years as an Interior Designer, Annilee offers Rendering, Design Consulting, Custom Home Plans & Training for clients globally. She has utilized 3d modeling and rendering extensively and works daily on designs for  clients, as well as drafting, modeling and rendering for architects and designers. Over the years, she has become proficient using various programs, and understanding their integrations.