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Platform Modeling Course

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Platform Modeling Course 



The new Platform Modeling Course, has gone through a full overhaul!!  It has graduated from a mini course with weekly calls, to a full on self-paced course, that will always be open for access.  All new content, with MORE videos of the details you need to model your own furniture.  Also included are all the Zoom calls from the first two cycles, it's an added bonus to see how previous students worked through modeling.  


Using SketchUp Pro with the help of some free plugins, this course is perfect for all SketchUp skill levels.  A full section on intro to SketchUp will get you confidant with the program and launch you on a new path of modeling.  This course is a must for anyone looking to level up their rendering game!    



SketchUp Pro, & The eDesign Platform


*Required Capstone Assessment for Certification. 



Zoom Calls

  • Cycle One Zoom Calls

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4

    • Week 5

  • Cycle Two Zoom Calls

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4

    • Week 5

Intro to SketchUp

  • Intro to SketchUp Video

  • Large Tool Pallet 


  • Plugin Download Worksheet

  • Installing Plugins

    • Part 1 Video

    • Part 2 Video

    • Part 3 Video

For MAC Users 

  • Adding Extensions to Toolbar

  • Adding Materials 
  • Applying Materials 

Material Setup

  • Basic Material Setup for All Models 


  • Basic Rugs

  • Rugs with Fringe 

  • Round Rugs

  • HOH Rugs

Art / Mirrors 

  • Mirror Wrapped Canvas

  • Framed Art

  • Starburst Mirrors

  • Mirrors Linear Shapes

  • Mirrors Organic Shapes 


  • Sourcing Pillow Models 

  • Applying Materials to Pillows


  • Table Lamps

  • Sconce 1
  • Chandelier 1


  • Bookcase

  • Console
  • Side Table 1
  • Desk 1
  • Dining Table


  • Chairs Tapered Legs

  • Chairs Nailheads 
  • Chairs Slipcovered 


  • Sofas Welting

  • Sofas Rolled Arm


  • Upholstered Bed 1


  • Certification Checklist

  • Certification Upgrade 


What Students Are Saying

Sarah has truly helped my business in more ways then I could thank her for. Her heart for being a mentor and teacher has helped me truly see my potential and grow in ways I didn’t see possible. Just by taking her modeling class I was able to gain the confidence to build anything in Sketchup! This confidence has helped me build a trust with my clients. I would recommend any of Sarah’s classes to anyone wanting to build their Sketchup and Edesigntribe Platform Skills! You won’t regret it! 

Lauren Jenkins Brantley

Designer, Campus Contributor 

This course was fantastic - totally worth it. Really enjoyed taking this class……i did have my moments ….but figured it out eventually!  I had a super teacher…. Sarah made everything look easy especially for someone that is very new to SketchUp.  The course was clean and simple explanation of complex tasks. - Nice pacing of the material. Not too much, or too little just perfectly enough per one lesson…..Sarah you are best and I am now taking your Kitchen and Bath course!  So far love it!

Bart Sgambati


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