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This challenge will focus on the decentralization of the kitchen. Celebrating the every day through thoughtful and unique design showcasing the versatility of the Plum Wine dispenser and Revel Woods Skyway Collection.




Challenge Requirements



Two 4k Renderings Required

Voting will be presented using the exact images you submit. 

One image can highlight the Plum dispenser and the other image can showcase the flooring, if necessary.


Remember, the goal is to get the highest quality shots of your space while highlighting our amazing sponsors!

Rooms to Design


Any room outside of the kitchen! This must be rendered using the eDesign Platform.  You can use any floor plan, existing or new but the space must include the Plum dispenser and Revelwoods flooring to be accepted. 

Social Media Submissions

Submit your social media screen shots via the typeform link that will be provided after the challenge has closed to have your points tallied.


Don't forget these tags and hashtags!

@eDesigntribe @eDesignplatform @revelwoods @jenna.gaidusek @sarah.durnez




  • Entries are due by Friday, April 7th 12:00 Midnight EST
  • Voting will be open for 1 week:  Beginning April 9th and ending April 15th at NOON EST.
  • Do not post to social media until voting begins!
  • 5 Votes per valid email.
  • Social Media Submissions due April 18th




Point System & Judging

Winners will be determined through two avenues. The first will be through a point system focusing on social media engagement. The second will be through voting. The combined total of votes and points will determine the winner.

You could win...



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