eDesign U 3.0

Designing With SketchUp

by Sarah Durnez

  • Go at your own pace

  • Learn to create dimensioned drawings for furniture layouts, basic construction documents, and how to integrate your project into the eDesign Platform.

Designing with SketchUp

Looking for a drafting option to create dimensioned drawings?  Perhaps you already have SketchUp Pro and you'd like to maximize your investment.  Designing with SketchUp will walk you through the steps to create dimensioned floorplans, basic construction documents; including enlarged drawings, elevations, reflected ceiling plans and more.  You'll be able to create a professional set of drawings with your own branding and style.  


SketchUp Pro

Course Outline

Intro to SketchUp

  • Work space walkthrough

  • Setting up your workspace

  • Basic tool introduction

  • Default tray 

3D Warehouse

  • How to access models for the course

  • Downloading and importing models

  • How to use dynamic models

Intro to Layout

  • Work space walkthrough

  • Setting up your sheets

  • Setting up layers

Basic furniture layouts

  • Building your walls and placing windows and doors

  • Adding furniture

  • Setting up views for layout

  • Dimensions in layout

  • Printing

Full Set of Construction Documents

  • As built sheet

  • Demo sheet

  • Construction sheet

  • Furniture plan

  • Enlarged plans

  • Elevations

  • Power plan

  • RCP

eDesign Platform integration

  • What to import

  • Import set up and best practices

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