The eDesign Platform


The  eDesign Platform

Design Examples by eDesign Platform Support Designer, Lauren Brantley 1:1 Training available at the bottom of the page. 


Your Business, Your Process

Elevate your remote collaboration with your interior design clients.  Adapt the platform tools to your existing eDesign or hybrid design project process. We just help you elevate your presentations to earn more money! 

  • Create 720 walk through tours that your clients can explore using Virtual Reality or from their computer, tablet or mobile device. 
  • 720 tours are shoppable with products you upload to your personal model library or affiliate links to products in the eShop where you earn a 10% referral commission as a LITE or Featured Member. 


Cutting Edge Tools

Elevate your business to the next level by sharing high quality renders of the designs you create for them. Today's standard calls for cutting edge tools & the eDesign Platform has them all for you at your fingertips. Render & create professional, embeddable & shareable shopping lists in minutes!


  • Featured members can share a link to a clickable/ shoppable board that is branded and includes a link to their website and social media at the bottom.
  • Lite members can share a link to a shoppable board for anyone on the internet to purchase from- they can also embed the list into their website using an Iframe code. 
  • Featured members can embed a piece of code into their website with or without a buy now button to create a shoppable and totally customized list of products using affiliate links or to an invoice for a trade only product for a client. 
  • The examples below show what Featured members can do, the LITE member shop the look board would not have branding on it but will link to the members affiliate links and products. 




Earn Money Multiple Ways

Whether you are invoicing a client for a product through your shoppable panoramic design, or if you are sharing a shop the look blog post to earn passive income- you are in control. Make money and add multiple revenue streams  Seamlessly to your business. NO other platform out there makes you money in all the ways the the eDesign Platform can. 


Below is an embedded shopping list with the "Buy now" button added- a Featured member option that allows for the button color to be branded. The links go anywhere you tell them to, you can rename products and add a description to each area to embed in your blog post or clients website portal (self-hosted collaboration as taught in eDesign U 201) to provide set up instructions to your client along with a link to purchase. 

edesign platform- rendering program

We do more than just beautiful renders... 

Use these tools in conjunction with your favorite project management software or self hosted (using your website to host client projects) to elevate your virtual presentations to catch the eye of your ideal client & earn more money on products.


  • Passive Income

    Create shop the look boards in minutes to earn passive income & add more revenue streams to your business. 

  • Render Generated Shopping Lists

    Connect the products in your render to generate a shop the look board or embeddable shopping list seamlessly.

  • 10% Affiliate Program

    Members are automatically eligible for the eShop affiliate program to earn 10% for their product referral.

  • Create Shopping Lists in Minutes

    Create client shopping lists in minutes. Link products to affiliate links or to your product invoice. 

  • Elevate Your Presentations

    It's time to level up your client presentations, website graphics, passive income business and blog.

  • Community

    Connect with other platform members to ask questions, get support & grow together!

  • Share Boards on Pinterest

    Featured members can share their "shop the look" passive income boards to Pinterest with 1 click.

  • Canva Templates

    Access our editable Measuring guide & client intake question templates in Canva to upgrade your client experience. 

  • Monthly Rendering LIVE Workshop

    Join us LIVE each month for a render training webinar session or catch the replay video's after. 

The  eDesign Platform

The Rendering Program

You can't get our custom program anywhere else! Your render program should make you money- not just produce a pretty picture. Our unique program is customized to fit into all the other features of the eDesign Platform. 

  • Model Library 

    Extensive customizable 3D model library, our enterprise product model library enables you to earn 10% affiliate commision on products in your renders. 

  • Cloud Based

    Our platform programs operate best on a Google Chrome browser. No program needed, this program is internet cloud based.  

  • Shoppable Tour

    Your high quality 360 panoramic is now Shoppable! Use hotspots for enterprise library or your model uploads to earn passive income or link to an invoice to sell products. 

  • Shopping Lists

    Quickly generate a "shop the look" board or embeddable (membership depending) product feed shopping list from your render project. Earn money your way on products! 



  • Support

    Our experienced designer support team is here to help guide you to the right training video, troubleshoot unique modeling situations or for hire to work 1:1 to help you improve your skills with the platform software. 

  • Photorealistic Renders

    Cutting edge render quality that is sure to elevate your business. 

eDesign Platform  Memberships



Use our eDesign Friendly, customized rendering program and elevate your virtual presentations! 

  • 1,000's of white-label, customizable 3D product models you can add your fabrics/ textures to. 
  • 100's of Enterprise library models to use in your renders. 
  • 50 model uploads to your personal library
  • 110 texture uploads
  • 100 lifetime projects
  • Shoppable 360 panoramas & 720 tour
  • 200 HD & 4K renders per month
  • Shareable project links with other designers
  • Community support 
  • Monthly LIVE workshop trainings
  • 50+ training videos from our designer support team

*Great for students and team members. 




All the rendering-only membership PLUS +


+ Join the eShop affiliate program and earn a 10% affiliate commission on products you refer. 

Automatic acceptance into Partnership brand affiliate programs

Samples from partnered programs (free or low cost)

Quickly create Shop the look boards you can share anywhere online or on your website & earn passive income. (Branded with {e} logo at the bottom)

Connect your render to the Design in 5 program to automatically generate a clickable shopping list board from the products in your render.





Includes all LITE member perks PLUS:


+ Embed your shopping list product feed directly into your website

+ Customize your branding on shop the look boards

Shop the look board Pinterest linking to your social media, website & design services. 

Listing in the eDesign Directory to attract new clients to your website.

Connect with potential ideal clients through the “Interior Designer Soulmate” Quiz for added exposure.

You business & work featured on our Instagram

Featured blog post about you and your business.

Pinterest pins driving traffic to your listing in our directory, your instagram posts and blog post features. 


*You must apply to be a Featured member once you meet the membership requirements*

*Completely fill out the profile and submit it for approval. 

*After submitting your profile for review, watch your email for your approval status. 

* Choose your Featured member payment plan and once that is complete your profile will go live in the directory.  

*You can join as a LITE member and apply to upgrade at any time*

Additional 1:1 Training $147/hr

Sarah Durnez

Director of 3D Modeling


With almost 9 years in business as a VDA, Sarah Durnez has seen a lot of change in the design industry since starting her business during the Great Recession.  Over the years, she’s had the opportunity to test and implement the best practices to better serve her designers, and make each designer feel like their project is “the big project”.  Building her business on relationships with designers, many of which she’s worked with for over eight years.  Sarah has maintained a connection and built trust that has been the foundation to a successful VDA business.


Mentoring In:


Building and maintaining relationships with your designers.

How to get clients

Determining services & pricing 

Procedures & Practices


*Available for Monthly Direct Mentoring and 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions. 

**To book Email Sarah directly $147/hr session.


Brigett Mercado

DBM Interior Design


Upon graduating with a AA & AS in Interior Design from Seminole State College Florida in 2002, Brigett started working towards getting hands-on kitchen design experience.  She had worked as a kitchen and bath designer for over 16 years and now the proud business is owner and CEO of DBM Interiors since 2016


She is a Allied member of ASID and NKBA Member.


She is married with two adult daughters, 3 grandsons and one dog named Hairy.


mentoring focus:

  • eDesign Platform Trainer
  • 2020 Integration into eDesign Tribe platform via Sketchup
  • Kitchen and Bath layouts that follow NKBA guidelines


*Available for 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions. 

*To book Email Brigett directly $147/hr session.


Lauren Brantley

Designer Support Team

Lauren has a BS in Interior Design and MA in Visual Communications and Design from Liberty University. Since 2017 she has been serving each of her clients through E-design. She has always dreamed of a pathway where she could stay at home with my family. She is a member of the rendering support team for the eDesign Tribe and is here to help you!


Tutoring & Mentoring In:

  • Edesign Tribe Platform - Beginner to Advanced
  • Starting a new project, through the final render
  • Working through pain points in existing projects
  • Advanced skills for high-end rendering
  • Sketchup 3d modeling- beginner to advanced
  • Platform Integration with Sketchup Pro
  • Rendering Consulting for Designers

*Available for 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions.

**To book Email Lauren directly $147/hr session.

Annilee Waterman

Designer Support Team

     Annilee Waterman has 30 years of art & design experience. Building on her Fine Arts and Interior Design degrees,  years of experience on Film & Television sets, & nearly 20 years as an Interior Designer, Annilee offers Rendering, Design Consulting, Custom Home Plans & Training for clients globally. She has utilized 3d modeling and rendering extensively and works daily on designs for  clients, as well as drafting, modeling and rendering for architects and designers. Over the years, she has become proficient using various programs, and understanding their integrations.

Tutoring & Mentoring In:

  • Edesign Tribe Platform - Beginner to Advanced
  • Starting a new project, through the final render
  • Working through pain points in existing projects
  • Advanced skills for high-end rendering
  • Platform Integration with Chief Architect, Sketchup, Revit and AutoCAD
  • Chief Architect, Drafting & 3d modeling, beginner to advanced
  • Project Consulting & Plan Review for Designers, for Technical Documents, Code Compliance & Rendering

*Available 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions.

*To book Email Annilee directly $147/hr session.


These are the only fully qualified and certified mentors and trainers for the eDesign Platform software. If you enlist in services outside the eDesign U website we do not guarantee they have the most accurate, up to date and best information available since they are not part of our small team. Be cautious for those offering similar services on other sites, they do not know the ins and outs of our software like the official eDesign Platform designers listed above do.  

It is against our terms of use to offer mentoring, training videos or any other commercial use with our software per the Terms of Use and therefore other "coaches or mentors" using the eDesign Platform are in violation of their contract and may be subject to termination at any time. 

What Designers Are Saying...

Our platform members can't wait to share their love for the program, see what all the buzz is about!


Jenna Gaidusek

Founder & CEO, eDesign Tribe Inc. & eDesign U

Jenna founded the eDesign Tribe Facebook community in July 2018 with the goal to provide her unique virtual design experience and skills to a community of like-minded industry professionals.


Her goal was to create an encouraging space for virtual design to thrive and prosper. Though she has a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, she believes eDesign isn’t limited to those with a list of credentials after your name but instead, how different industry members adapt their unique business to the online world.


Now with 5+ years of eDesign exclusive offerings ranging from 1:1 clients to online courses and passive income, Jenna thinks outside the box for the industry’s future and shares ALL her knowledge with the eDesign Tribe community and her students through eDesign U.


She is striving to change the stigma of remote design to show designers that eDesign (AKA electronic Design) can mean a variety of things and can be adapted to any interior design industry business model as a way to streamline processes, make extra income or produce exceptional visual presentations for clients near and far.



Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is your refund policy?

Are eDesign U or other affiliated courses included?

Do you have to enroll in an eDesignU course to join the Platform?

Nope. Although eDesignU offers many ways to level-up your business, it is not required in order to join the eDesign Platform. 

Can I use the rendering software for my full-service (“Traditional”) design clients where I do all the purchasing? 

Can I use actual products in these renders? 

Is there a Free Trial?

No, there is not. Full Transparency is our top priority so this is why: Fellow designer, and eDesign Tribe founder, Jenna, has fully funded this program herself  using membership dues to pay per user monthly costs associated with the platform tools. Therefore there is not a free trial but we invite you to sign up at least as a LITE or Render Only member and cancel or upgrade at any time! Thank you for supporting designers as we do not accept investors that may remove some of our designer privileges and do this solely funded on our own contributions. 

Can you embed Shop The Look boards into any website platform?

Can I join outside the USA?

Is the render program friendly with other software?

I do a lot of Kitchen & Bathroom Designs as well as exterior work- is this program right for me?

Kitchen & bathroom's currently have a limited "white-label" library in the program. However any Sketchup formatted model file can be used. So if you get the file from a 3D product warehouse, have it built, build it yourself (Free Sketchup- see Sarah's Course) or get it off a manufacturer's website, you can import it into the platform. 

The platform is not really made for exteriors, elevations or detailed construction documents at this time. Interiors and SOME outdoor work can be done but it's main purpose is design & decor in the interior. 

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