DVA 101

Getting Started with Your DVA Business

instructed by Sarah Durnez

DVA 101 | Getting Started with your DVA Business

Have you been considering adding designer to designer services, but don't know where to start?  This course will take you through the steps of setting up you D2D services.  Learn where to find clients, and how to keep them, what pricing model works for you, and what you should charge.  Then we wrap up with a Capstone that is a mock project, that doubles as content for your use, and assessment of your skills.  You'll be on your way with D2D services in no time!




Website, email, Canva, Photoshop, and the eDesign Platform Rendering Program. 


*Required Capstone Assessment for Certification. 

virtual design assistant school for interior designers




    • Resources

      • These are the programs and platforms I use in my DVA business. 


  • DVA 101

    • DVA 101

      • What is a DVA and how to they work.


  • Clients by Design

    • Clients by Design

      Don't skip this! This is an important step for your business development.



      • Pricing

        Learn which pricing model works for you, and find out what you should charge.


    • Website

      • Website

        Website review, what to include, and what to skip when providing D2D services


    • Social Media


      • Capstone

        Mock project to get you started on your new services, and start to create content for your business. 





    With almost 9 years in business as a VDA, Sarah Durnez has seen a lot of change in the design industry since starting her business during the Great Recession.  Over the years, she’s had the opportunity to test and implement the best practices to better serve her designers, and make each designer feel like their project is “the big project”.  Building her business on relationships with designers, many of which she’s worked with for over eight years.  Sarah has maintained a connection and built trust that has been the foundation to a successful VDA business.


    Mentoring In:

    • Building and maintaining relationships with your designers.
    • How to get clients
    • Determining services & pricing 
    • Procedures & Practices


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