Our Team


Jenna Gaduisek


Jenna founded the eDesign Tribe Facebook group in July 2018 with the goal to provide her unique virtual

design experience and skills to a community of like-minded industry professionals.

Her goal was to create an encouraging space for virtual design to thrive and prosper. Though she has a Bachelors Degree

in Interior Design, she believes eDesign isn’t limited to those with a list of credentials after your name but instead, how

different industry members adapt their unique business to the online world.

Now with 5+ years of eDesign exclusive offerings ranging from 1:1 clients to online courses and passive income, Jenna

thinks outside the box for the industry’s future and shares ALL her knowledge with the eDesign Tribe community and her students through eDesign U. She is striving to change the stigma of remote design to show designers that eDesign (AKA electronic Design) can mean a variety of things and can be adapted to any interior design industry business model as a way to streamline processes, make extra income or produce exceptional visual presentations for clients near and far.


Sarah Durnez

Director of 3D Modeling

Sarah is the owner of Loft Design, a firm providing renderings to designers since 2012. Graduating in 2008 with a BFA in Interior Design from Miami International University of Art & Design, she learned the skills that would lead her to the online world of design. 

Lauren Brantley

Support Team

Lauren has a BS in Interior Design and MA in Visual Communications and Design from Liberty University. Since 2017 she has been serving each of her clients through E-design. She has always dreamed of a pathway where she could stay at home with my family. She is a member of the rendering support team for the eDesign Tribe and is here to help you!


Lauren Scully

Director of Operations

Lauren assists Jenna in all day-to-day operations of The eDesign Platform. She has a BS in Interior Design from Ball State University and almost 10 years of experience in the design + retail industry.  

Annilee Waterman

Support Team

     Annilee Waterman has 30 years of art & design experience. Building on her Fine Arts and Interior Design degrees,  years of experience on Film & Television sets, & nearly 20 years as an Interior Designer, Annilee offers Rendering, Design Consulting, Custom Home Plans & Training for clients globally. She has utilized 3d modeling and rendering extensively and works daily on designs for  clients, as well as drafting, modeling and rendering for architects and designers. Over the years, she has become proficient using various programs, and understanding their integrations.

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